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History - Start and transformation

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Quality and trust since 1952 until today...

Ruen industry has been established since 1952 as part of a plan for an industrial organization for the former Yugoslavia.

Ruen initially began as a small manufacturer of clutches and gears. The main goal of the company after its opening was to supply the clutches and gears for Yugoslav Army and automotive industry. The required amount of products as well as improving the quality was only a preparatory step for further cooperation with the leading manufacturers in this field and investing in innovative technologies.

Experience gained with longstanding practice contributes this company to stand shoulder to shoulder with the most successful and respected partner Ruen in general automotive community.

In 2014, Ruen was transformed into a 100% private company.

With the existing world famous brand and solid industry fundamentals, implementation of new ways of management and effective sales and marketing strategies, the new owner started a new life with a new company name Ruen Inox Automobile. The new tagline of the company, the new design of the logo and packaging products, show brand new picture of this successful company.

In a period of only 6 months, Ruen Inox Automobile is totally changed: full industrial reorganization, new investments and new departments. Multidisciplinary teams, rapid and radical changes especially in the Procurement and quality development, improve the strategic importance of Ruen Inox Automobile.

Today, the company mainly focuses on the reorganization of production which enables it to achieve the highest level of productivity and to offer its customers quality products, competitive prices and flexibility in terms of supplies.