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Taking into account the global automobile industry reorganization, Ruen Inox Automobile follows the world trends and adapt to the new situations and challenges. Today, manufacturers in the automotive industry are increasingly closer to growing markets in the area. At the same time, they need to find closer and more responsive suppliers with lower prices.

Therefore Ruen Inox Automobile aspires to become a regional partner of the Balkan, offering proximity to these new markets. The company continually invests in improving the level of quality in order to offer excellent reactivity, while retaining flexibility.

Ruen Inox Automobile constantly strives towards the ability to offer high quality products with competitive prices taking into account competition from eastern countries.

Strategy of the Company

In order to become a powerful regional leader and establish respectable presence of potential emerging markets, Ruen Inox Automobile efforts:
- To provide adequate and selective products for different regions including the development of new products;
- To develop a solid sales network in the Balkan region with a modern, proactive and reactive organization;
- To create a strong partnership with the automotive industry from the European region;
- To increase and expand sales to the Middle East, Africa Asia

Objectives of the Company

The most remarkable feature of Ruen Inox Automobile is continuing upgrade already acquired practice in plant and investment in innovative technologies. Since restarting this company without separate Prominent among priorities as necessary to achieve the highest level of productivity:

Quality - applying international standards for quality ISO standards helps the company to expand the boundaries of conventional business and adopt new work in context: a constant concern for customers, suppliers and employees and creating a new product as the ultimate goal.

Competitive pricing - affordable and reasonable prices in accordance with the domestic market, European market competition and the east, with a constant desire to adapt the prices and defining adequate prices for the global market.

Flexibility of delivery - reliability in terms of deliveries to different customers and markets in order to meet and exceed the expected needs of the client. The main motto of Ruen Inox Automobile is encouraged and supported at the same time from two crucial goals of the company:
- Development of new products in order to expand the range of products and provision of a wide range of products to end customers.
- Adapting to the changes and needs of modern customers and markets.