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Quality policy of Ruen-Inox Automobile

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The policy of Ruen-Inox Automobile is able to strengthen and develop the commercial position with vehicle manufacturers and distributors of spare parts for the transmition equipment (mainly clutches) for Passenger cars, Truck, Busses and Tractors.
Quality Policy Ruen-Inox Automobile is based on:

Objective of Ruen-Inox Automobile is to achieve complete customer satisfaction in terms of what we produce and what we deliver.

The Managers of Ruen-Inox Automobile acts as a team and we believe in our people, who are the source of our power. Quality people, quality products and services, quality achievements.

Ruen-Inox Automobile uses its first-class equipment, experience and its development and test equipment for proposing the best technological products in accordance with current market needs.

Ruen-Inox Automobile sets adequate processes and procurement and production line is able to propose most competitive product prices before other world competitors.

Ruen-Inox Automobile offers quality products and services in accordance with the requirements of the largest manufacturers of automotive components, accepting the most of the international standards.
In support of this strategy Ruen-Inox Automobile has set adequate industrial projects including all employees and managers, resources needed and applied without deviation methods and procedures.
In this context, the use of SPC ensures products according to specification. While "zero defect" policy is for full integrity.

Constant upgrading of skills with formal training plan.
Delegating responsibility at all levels, initiative skills, suggestions for improvement and teamwork to achieve the targeted goals.

Improve productivity and product quality, with continued checking out the equipment: flow management, organization of work places, eliminating unproductive operations.

Application of project teams, with responsibility for all aspects of development, simultaneous engineering and manufacturing processes, prices, standardization, quality...
New product development is reduced to the least possible time, using computer product design.

Permanent research of most appropriate suppliers at reasonable prices and quality objectives, in parallel with improvements and flexible services. The intention of Ruen-Inox Automobile is all suppliers to have a quality certificate in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001: 2008
This should allow Ruen-Inox Automobile design and produce competitive products, delivered on time, to satisfy the customers, because Ruen-Inox Automobile has accepted the challenges of "continuous improvements" and "zero defects".
These policy objectives can only be achieved if the system of quality management is accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO9001: 2008 - ISO / TS 16949: 2009

General Manager
Dragan Jordanov